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Making it your project

The first step in any creative business endeavor is to identify the task or project you want to do, make sure you “secure it” and have the legal right to move forward. If you’ve written your own screenplay, this process is easy. If you need to secure the rights to a story, or option or purchase a screenplay, Mr. Wilke will assist you in accomplishing this important first step.

Business and Entity Consulting

After a producer has identified the project that he or she wants to do, and has secured the rights to the story or screenplay (or written it!), a few important decisions need to be made before moving forward. If the producer has partners, which is often the case, an early consideration is the relationship between or among the “inner circle,” the creative team that will drive the project to a successful conclusion. Mr. Wilke will assist you, as a group, in defining your respective roles and responsibilities and ultimately memorializing your working relationship in writing. You’ll be able to use this as your collective roadmap in the operation of your movie-making business. Others, if necessary (such as prospective investors), can see this written management roadmap as well.

He will consult with you on the financial arrangements regarding your joint production relationship. He will assist you in identifying the form of legal entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, corporation, “S” corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company) that best suits your needs and address tax planning matters as well as the most favorable states within which to do business. He will then prepare any necessary internal “governing” documents (corporate bylaws, partnership agreement or operating agreement) and arrange for the formation of your entity with the appropriate state authorities.


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