Mr. Wilke is a Los Angeles-based entertainment and “SEC” attorney (private placement, Regulation D and public offering securities), in practice for 40+ years.

  • Specializes in helping film producers start their businesses and provide investor documentation and securities law compliance for the financing of their independent films.

  • Provides movie production legal services for indie films and advises producers on movie distribution relationships.

  • Additionally, as a screenwriter, songwriter, and indie film and stage producer in his own right, he has valuable insight into both sides of the creative process, helpful perspective when working with artists. 

Please visit the pages linked above to find out more about the various stages of making an independent motion picture and other useful information. He is always happy to help indie filmmakers realize their creative and cinematic dreams! 

And if your business is less entertainment and more business, please visit his “securities & business” site @ www.petewilke.com.

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