Production Counsel

Mr. Wilke, with his experience as an attorney, and as a producer, will help you secure talent, locations, equipment, transportation, license music, deal with SAG (if that’s possible!), sign a publicist, write deal memos and contracts for all your above and below the line personnel, review post house contracts and whatever else you may need to keep your production in gear and moving forward as seamlessly as possible.

Distribution Relationships

Once you complete your film (or before, in some cases), you’ll be looking to get it on the Big Screen, in foreign markets, on cable, video/DVD, or whatever your marketing plan entails. Whether you hire a producer’s rep, hit the festival circuit, arrange for private screenings, or do all of the above (and whatever else you can think of within the bounds of the law and good taste), Mr. Wilke will help you protect your interests before, during and after entering into a distribution relationship for your produced project.

Break a Leg!

Independent filmmaking is one of life’s greatest and potentially rewarding experiences. You’ll discover untapped resources within yourself you might not have imagined, yet alone unleashed. Go for it, and, break a leg!